Thursday, June 18, 2009

Like Lipstick Traces




Like lipstick traces shows the everyday life of 13 graffiti writers. Consciously, and therefore in contrast with usual graffiti publications, it uses the peculiar medium of Polaroid.

The idea was to send a Polaroid camera and about one hundred Polaroid photos to graffiti writers of different nationalities, with the task to shoot their everyday life, and to give them complete freedom in the choice of the motifs. It is surely this kind of freedom which makes this book so special, but also the fact that all these unpublished photos were taken especially for the book.

In the beginning of the 21st century, graffiti seems to be taking a line that is totally against its original motivation. On the one hand, this might be caused by more severe penalties, on the other it is due to the increasing incorporation of the media and big business. Thus, we decided to present such artists who devote themselves to this art in a committed way. They do not succumb to commercial pressure and bring new life into this movement.

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