Monday, April 27, 2009

Loreak Mendian - T shirt competition (Stroke)

The prize will consist of:
-A weekend in San Sebastian for two people, with a visit to our headquarters and a short surfing course (optional).
The design will be manufactured in a limited series, which will be only available in Loreak Mendian stores.

We want you to help us design a T-shirt for Loreak Mendian!

This year we carried out a series of "actions" following the theme of the stroke: the stroke of a pencil on white sheet, the stroke of a drawing made with a rope, the stroke of a black ribbon...
We want you to create a T-shirt in which the stroke plays a very important part. But in order to set some rules, we´ve decided we´re all going to work with the same materials. Get your kit in our shops or points of sale.

Your working kit consists of: a black ribbon, plus a sticker to make it look a bit "official". Use the black ribbon to draw on the T-shirt,as if it were a marker.You can draw on the front side, the backside and the sleeves. All we ask of you is a white T-shirt, your time and, above all... your talent.

The only limit we impose is the use of the aforementioned elements. Other drawing techniques such as markers, paint or sprays are forbidden here: only a black ribbon and a white T-shirt. In case you don´t have a white T-shirt, you sure will have in your wardrobe an old T-shirt with something printed over a white background. That´s perfect -just turn it over and draw on it! Once you have designed the T-shirt, take a photograph of it and send it to us. You may design as many as you like. We will upload every design we receive onto our webpage. Send your pictures to, adding your personal details and the store in which you were given your kit.

Loreak Mendian

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