Thursday, March 05, 2009

Camper vs Loreak Mendian

Basque streetwear brand Loreak Mendian and Majorcan casual shoewear manufacturers Camper have joined efforts and created a mini-collection of shoes for the summer of 2009...and logo.

Two millennial cultures get together with a common purpose to create a shoe. The result: a Nautica-style ankle boot for the guys. Somewhere between the Nautica shoe and the Indian moccasin, this shoe is a true summer staple. It's made of leather and rubber, wich makes it light and flexible. It comes in three colours to choose from: white, grey and black. The shoe has been handsewn and employs traditional Native American techniques, including protecting the foot with a leather underneath.

Also, one common logo symbolizing the fusion of two lands. Green represents the Basque origins of Loreak Mendian -the resulting colour of rain falling endlessly all through the year. Blue symbolizes the Mediterranean Sea and the colour of the creeks and beaches in the Balearic Islands, home of Camper.

The logo comes printed in the insole of each shoe. The right shoe shows Loreak Mendian's logo and the left shoe shows Camper's logo, both subtly printed. The blue and green colours that symbolize this joint venture make a shy reapperance in once of the eyelet straps; green in the left one and blue in the right one.

Two cultures and two passions together in one product!

From Loreak Mendian

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