Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ryan Hardy talks to Riptide about riding for Void

At the start of the year Void Wetsuits boss Ben Roberts announced the signing of a man who has arguably had the most influence on how we ride a bodyboard since Mike Stewart, Mr Ryan Hardy.

This was a massive deal for the fledging wetsuit brand and also for the rider, having recently parted ways with long-time sponsor, Billabong. With all our Euro Trash Tour riders settled back at home, Riptide thought it was time to track down Ryan for a chat. Turns out he had just come in from a beachie session down south, having settled back home in WA in late ’08. Here’s what he had to say.

Riptide: Morning Ryan, so why did you choose to go with Void?

Ryan: I know Benny Roberts (Void Boss) really well; he’s smart, driven and incredibly amped on the whole venture. Plus he put the best offer on the table. Another thing is that Void is a young company with so much potential and I want to help it grow and evolve, and for my career to evolve with it.

Riptide: How does it feel to be with a 100% bodyboarding company?

Ryan: It feels sick! It feels more pure. It’s a change to be on a team that consists of all boogers. It’s all (team & industry) within reach, the company is completely involved in bodyboarding and for that the team, and company, feels tighter and more close-knit.

Riptide: Have you signed with a clothing company yet?

Ryan: I have, but I’ll keep it under wraps for the moment. I am hoping that my profile will be able to lift these brands into a higher light, reach a larger audience and then encourage more people to wear the gear. This is the future – more big name riders for 100% bodyboarding companies. You can see it happening already, the future is looking a lot better.

Riptide: Finally, Hardballs, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Ryan: I want to seriously chase the World Tour, I want it bad. I’m aiming to compete in as many Australian Tour events as possible too. And now that I’m back living in WA I want to surf more heavy waves; that get’s me so excited. The waves down south look so good when they get heavier and Chad, Mitch and Brad have been charging them.

Riptide: Paddle?

Ryan: Well, I would prefer to paddle into the bigger waves if there are opportunities for it, but I’m not going to say no to towing in if that happens.

Riptide: Thanks for your time Ryan.

Ryan: No worries!

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