Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slap Magazine - issue 198

Karma Tsocheff has been pro for more than 15 years and has the respect of all in the know due to his legendary underground style. Check some of his latest ripping and a career-spanning interview. Pro skate photo kits can cost $10,000, but you can get equally memorable photos taken with cheap toy cameras, and our Plastic Passion article shows just that- it’s about the feeling, not the gear! Follow English ripper Danny Brady as he crosses America in seven days and shoots a full interview on the way. Peep this month’s Portfolio with Jai Tanju, photographer, junk collector and skate artist to the max. The Pals at’s forum go Q&A with Stefan Janoski; get the musical low-down from legends Portishead and The Melvins, and much more. Only two regular print issues of SLAP to go, so don’t miss your chance to collect ‘em now!

Instore - £2.75

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