Friday, March 09, 2007


The company Dunderdon has been a favorite of ours for quite some time now. Every season they blow us away with the product they produce in quality and asthetics. We've just had our first drop of Spring/Summer in store which will be online shortly. For those unfamiliar with the company and background behind the brand;

Born in the industrial port town of Gothenburg in 1997, Dunderdon has become Sweden's most innovative workwear company. Founded by a carpenter, Per-Ivan Hagberg, the goal at Dunderdon has been to create clothing for the craftsman who appreciates superior construction and smart design.Per-Ivan's initial solution was a line of pants, each with the same fit but different stylistic highlights, resulting in offerings that were distinct but also clearly belonging to the same family. The pants became the standard for the country's artisans, builders, and craftsmen.With this initial success, Per-Ivan went on to design a full collection of clothing for working men and women. His vision was that there would be no "filler" designs - each product would have a reason for being, satisfying specific needs. Whether for a blue-collar professional, or a no-collar creative, every design was to have a purpose, and Per-Ivan realized this goal with designs that seamlessly integrated form and function.Today, Dunderdon distributes its products worldwide, and its offerings include a full range of pants, outerwear, knits, shirts, and accessories. Every Dunderdon product represents modern work incorporating concepts of utility, fashion, and style. The clothing inspires and enables regardless of demographic - it isn't bound by trade or environment.Ultimately, each Dunderdon product is created according to Per-Ivan's design philosophy: "Honest' simple designs are timeless. Our products should represent the highest craftsmanship and innovation, while never compromising fit and style. Respect the past, but don't rely on it."

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